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How to download online video with Download Tube

The process is very simple and intuitive. We shall talk about any video in general. Please, do keep in mind, that we have much easier shortcuts that save several steps and only need 2 clicks to downlaod any video.. But for things to be clearer, we will avoid those right now and discuss how to use this online video downloader if you have no idea what and where... There will be several sections below, each concentrating on 1 step of the process.

0. Find a video you like

Yes, it's an important step. First you need to have some video in mind, and know where it is located, otherwise you won't be able to download it. So look around and find first video you'd like to have on your device for offline fun time.

1. Get Video URL (link)

Now open video you'd like to download in any internet browser or website official app (made by youtube, instagram, facebook, etc). The idea is to copy video URL address into your device clipboard (temporary storage space), so that later it can be given to Download Tube for processing..

  • In browser, scroll to the top of the page so that browser's address bar is visible. That's where video link is hiding. You can right-click and Copy that URL, or tap-and-hold until menu with Copy shows up. Click that option and voila, video URL is in the clipboard.
  • In a native official app there's no address bar (usually). But any post or video will always have a social Share button. That's the one we need. Tap the share button, usualy it will show a standard mobile share dialog, where you can easily locate Copy to Clipboard option and tap it.

Different situations will yield different setups. Sometimes viewing a grid of videos you can right-click on any one to see or copy the link. Some links you will get completely elsewhere, from a friend. Usually those can be clicked - open it in a browser and use instructions above. If it's not clickable, then it can be selected as text, which can then be copied to clipboard, same as befor. In any case, the link is presumably in the clipboard now and we can continue to step 2.

2. Open Download Tube (click)

This is a short step, all you need to do now is navigate to and find the lonely white box in the center of the page, closer to the top. It also has red GO button attached to it. Now you're ready to paste video URL into that box.

3. Paste URL in the box

There are many ways to do it, the fastest one in my opinion is right-click in the box, then select Paste. You can also click the box and press CTRL+C to paste text from clipboard. On mobile devices tap and hold the white box until menu shows up with Paste link/icon, - tap it. At this point you'll see the video address comfortably sitting in the white box. If nothing happens when pasting, it means you either copied something to clipboard that replaced the earlier copied URL (clipboard can only hold 1 thing at a time), or you simply didn't hit the right button to do the Copy in first place. Please, do step 1 again in this case.

4. Hit the red GO button

Yes yes yes! You are almost there. With the video URL address in the white box, hit the red GO button, the final step of "preparations" before the downloading starts. Now Download Tube is checking your video link and trying to find downloadable media on that page. In most cases it will find some links, which will be displayed on the newly loaded results page.

5. Now download the video

You are here and the quest is almost over. Final step is to download the video. The results table has many download options, there are audio-only and videoa-sans-audio downloads. If mp3 converter is available for this website, mp3 download button will be displayed in the audio-only downloads section. Now proceed to download the format/option you like.

6. Download in 1 try (trick)

If you've done this before, you may know that videos don't always want to be downloaded the easy way (single click on the download button). And we sometimes have to go the hard way (more than 1 click), but the hard way is the 100% fail-proof way. So if you always want to download video from first attempt, always do the hard way, which is only harder than classic downloading method because it involves more than 1 click... But it gives you the flexibility to save video file with filename you want. So... Use the RIGHT-CLICK + SAVE LINK AS technique. For mobile users it's TAP AND HOLD + DOWNLOAD LINK. That's all there's to proper file downloading. The method isn't hard per-say, but it does involve more than 1 click, sometimes you may decide to type in file name... But you do get file 100% every time.

That's all. Hopefully this will answer some of your questions and will show how easy it is to use my website to download online videos. Otherwise there's also F.A.Q. section which has quite a few questions already answered and explained. Check it out. If you still have questions after that - contact site support.